About us

Perfect 28 was established by industry experts to facilitate the creation of exceptional dental esthetics and we are an industry-leading provider of the highest quality dental laboratory products, training and services to dental professionals. Our consistent quality, personalized service, and experience allows us to help you create better results, from single units to full mouth reconstructions. Our goal is to be dedicated to your practice by becoming your dental resource.  We accomplish this by providing you guidance and knowledge on the latest techniques, materials, case planning and procedures that are available today.

Meet the Directors.
  • Tim Drost

    Tim’s extensive experience in dental laboratory business management and his reputation for identifying client needs and providing client-based solutions has contributed to his well-earned reputation in the industry. He has aspired to achieve success by recognizing patients’ needs above all and has traveled both domestically and globally to accomplish his mission of providing uniquely distinguished restorative excellence. Tim is the co-founder of Perfect 28 Dental Art and Smile Design Center.

  • Azzam “Ozzie” Ismaeel

    Ozzie’s passion for natural color has distinguished his work amongst his international peers. His quest for practical knowledge and experience has led him to Germany, Switzerland, Dubai and other world class technical centers for the most progressive training available in dental esthetics and restorative procedure. He has served as the regional advisor for well-known dental corporations and is the co-founder of Perfect 28 Dental Art and Smile Design Center. Ozzie’s focused and clear vision brings an ambitious and intelligent approach to achieving restorative excellence, founded in the principles of esthetic harmony and balance.