Send a Case

How To Send Your Case

Please contact us at 800 583 1676 if you have questions or need more information.

1. Print and complete the Prescription Form.


Perfect28 RX

Perfect28 Implant RX

2. Pack the Case

Always pour alginate impressions in stone before shipping to the lab.
Separate multiple impressions to prevent breakage.
Secure bites, crowns or other small items in a small bag or container.
Pack with foam and enclose the prescription.
Make sure contents are secure and won’t shift.
Seal box or bag (local) securely with packing tape and attach air bill or shipping label.

3. Prepare the FedEx® or UPS Forms if applicable

You may send as many cases per box as practical.

4. Call Us to Schedule a Pick Up

Call us at 1-800-583-1676 to schedule a pick up for the cases you have ready!

When you need more shipping labels, call Perfect 28 Dental Art at 1-800-583-1676 for FREE supplies.